I can’t remember what I was doing at 23; certainly nothing frantically exciting

In light of this blog’s particular dedication to chronicling incidences of before-they-were-famous photos of politicians, have this:

Obama Netanyahu Putin

A friend shared it from some obscure US conservative news site.

Interestingly, the Obama-smoking-a-joint vs. Bibi-in-the-Sayeret-Matkal (quite the hottie, isn’t he?) comparison is not a new one. If you google Netanyahu’s army days, it’s one of the first results that comes up:

benjamin netanyahu sayeret matkal

And if you Google “Obama Netanyahu” it’ll even autocomplete in such a way as to lead you to that precise comparison gif:

Obama Netanyahu comparison

I have absolutely no desire to find out what that finger thing is about

As far as I’m aware, however, the trend towards adding Putin into the mix is more recent.

It’s moderately interesting that the Soviet era is sufficiently distant in people’s minds now that being a KGB officer is considered a respectable career choice. I suspect it’s also a reflection of a a new way of approaching international relations wherein:

a) Personality matters more, affiliation matters less, and

b) There is a certain amount of suspicion directed towards liberal internationalism, but patriotism – and even nationalism – even on behalf of a country that we are not particularly fond of, is generally understood and respected.