More about politicians’ offices

Yep, a return to an old obsession of ours. Here’s a picture of Kim Jong Un signing the order to launch the latest rocket. What do you think?

Kim Jong Un office

  1. That’s one awesome lamp. I would buy one of those.
  2. Anyone been to Pyongyang and recognise the view from that window?
  3. This looks like his real office, or at least someone’s real office. (Unlike the stage-sets used by certain politicians we could name…) Usually when we see photos of Kim sitting at a desk it’s in some sort of semipublic area, not a personal space like this. This development seems to confirm a trend towards more intimate, informal portraits.
  4. Don’t you wish you could see the picture in that frame on the right?
  5. Is that a whiteboard in the background, or just some sort of fancy panelling? It looks to have been stamped with a red star logo in any case.

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