Leaving Family Behind in North Korea

Ask a North Korean

If you’ve never read NK News’ Ask A North Korean column, you really should. This week’s edition in particular will get you right in the feels:

… When I see street food on the way home, I find myself thinking, My mother would love it if I brought some of those home. But I can’t bring them home because I know my parents won’t be waiting for me at home and I have no way of delivering them to my parents in North Korea. My mother loves boiled eggs and they are cheap street food here in South Korea. I could easily afford them now and I would love to bring them home for my mother only if she was living with me here in South Korea.

I don’t wish much for my life. All I want is to be able to spend everyday life with my parents – the ordinary life many people get to live. I’m still waiting anxiously for the day when unification comes. That day, I will finally be able to live with my parents and bring boiled eggs home for them. I will probably have to wait so many years until that day comes. But I believe that day will come sooner than later if more of you show continued interest and support for North Korean refugees. I ask that your interest not just be limited to the third-generation power succession and all the bizarre things about the North Korean dictatorship. I hope that your interest goes beyond that. Please, show your continued interest in the voices of North Korean refugees and ordinary, innocent North Koreans still living in the North. I truly believe that your continued interest and support mean a lot to the human rights of North Koreans and North Korean refugees.

Thank you.

Read the full column here.



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