You read it here first

Philippe Verdier

Since we covered Philippe Verdier’s move to RT France, it has been covered not only by RT’s English language site, but also US conservative site The Daily Caller:

France’s Top Weatherman Hired By Kremlin After Being Fired For Questioning Global Warming

France’s top weatherman has found a new gig after being fired in November for questioning global warming in his new book: he’s working for Russian state-owned media.

French news outlet Le Figaro reports Philippe Verdier is covering the United Nations climate summit in Paris for Russia Today France. Verdier has a daily news segment dedicated to covering what goes on during the U.N. climate talks.


(Though they don’t provide the first-rate analysis and super-fast translation that we do.)

Interestingly, they’re tending to portray Verdier as a climate sceptic, which he isn’t – he just objects to the UN climate science establishment and their hooplah.

Meanwhile, the French backlash has been covered by the local edition of Huffpo (appropriately, since is is pretty much the Western liberal equivalent of RT), which describes Verdier’s coverage of the COP21 summit as “free” (their quotes, not mine) and features a video of a selection of other French weather presenters doing a hatchet job on him.


Clip of Verdier speaking: “The climate summit is also a great opportunity to finish the year on a high-note, by avoiding discussions of subjects likely to get people angry: notably, unemployment, where the figures are very bad.”
Presenter: “Do you have anything to say to that?”
Laurent Bodin: “Of course.”
Presenter: “He wasn’t being climate-sceptic there. He was just raising questions. Is that not allowed?”
Catherine Laborde: “It’s all old news that. It’s just that, like, it’s old news. That’s not what matters. What matters is what happening now, with all of these people coming together, who are trying to work together to do something to save the planet.”
Laurent Romejko: “You can’t question it. Scientific monitoring has been carried out for many years now. It’s been observed…”
Catherine Laborde: “He’s way, way behind the times.”
Laurent Romejko: “And we’re not going to discuss it any more.”
Catherine Laborde: “Yeah.”
Laurent Romejko: “That’s what it seems like to me.”
Presenter: “As if they brought 150 heads of state here just to avoid talking about unemployment. The guy’s a bit pathetic.”


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