The Hereditary Principle

Anyone recognise this bishounen?

Shinjiro Koizumi

10/10, would elect

You soon will: it’s Shinjiro Koizumi. Or, more trendily, just plain Shinjiro, according to his rather snazzy website:

Shinjiro Koizumi

The text, by the way, is a play on his name. “進めよう。次の世界のために、ともに新しい国つくりを。” means something like “Onwards.  For a new world, building a new Japan together.” It’s pretty inane, even by political slogan standards, but it does have the inestimable advantage of containing the characters 進 and 次, which are both a part of his given name (進次郎).

And yes, he’s the son of former PM Junichiro Koizumi. He has been a Diet Member for a while, but his appearances in the media have increased quite a bit over the past few months, and is already being spoken of in the media as a possible future PM.

He has been much admired for his humble, straight talking yet polite attitude, though the grumps at 2ch remain to be convinced:


“The Shinjiro juggernaut rolls on”
“Lately we’ve been seeing this guy all the time, it’s irritating”
“Lol at the state of the opposition that has this sort of leftwinger in it getting irritated for such a pointless reason. Heheh.”
“What has he actually achieved?”
“Why ask the question? He only went and shook hands with people after the disaster.”
“Abe = ferociously anti-Korean. Shinjiro = ferociously anti-jealous leftwing loser gen Ys.”
“If this guy becomes PM Japan is finished.” (continues…)

If you want to enjoy the Halloween parade video that I took the screengrab above from in full, you can find it here.


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