Shock and awe

Russia Works drone footage

Who knew reality could be this beautiful?

We’ve already covered the oddly pleasurable-to-watch Russian plane-cam videos from Syria here, but this is something new.

The one line about Western intervention in the Middle East from Vladimir Putin’s recent address to the UN that got picked up by all the headline-writers was “Do you realise what you’ve done?” Well, if not, then there’s a team of Russian journalists and a drone on hand to show us in glorious high-definition and with the aid of a breakbeat soundtrack*.

This is the most beautiful war footage I have ever seen. Watch it. Then pour yourself a glass of wine, call the family round and watch it again because it is genuinely that good.

Incredible, isn’t it? These guys have a vlog where you can check out some of their other footage.

* The song is High Roller by The Crystal Method, just fyi.


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