Xi Jinping’s epic moves

No really. I know it’s not a phrase you hear often.

We’ve mentioned the importance of who goes through a door first in politics here before. The implication is that whoever is last through is in charge.

If you’re playing this game, you have a double disadvantage if you are a) the guest and b) on the non-handle side of the door. Not that this bothers old smoothie Xi, however. Check out the way he effortlessly outmanoeuvres David Cameron in this video.

Get in there you beauty


2 thoughts on “Xi Jinping’s epic moves

  1. 1- what’s wrong with the guy swinging this door like it’s a kid’s toy?
    2- Xi didn’t do a thing. Cameron stepped in of his own accord and quite rudely given that he is the host.


    • Xi turns back to “acknowledge the crowd” (they’re all journalists and photographers, they don’t need an encore), trapping Cameron into going in first and looking like a guest in his own home.


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