CCTV, arbiters of good taste

You know the photo of Aylan Kurdi that has done the rounds on social media as everyone tries to prove to one-time Tinder dates and people they hated at high school how sensitive they are raise awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees?

CCTV blurred it out on its English Facebook page:

Aylan Kurdi

We’ve noted the fact that CCTV censors blood and guts in its English language broadcasts while happily showing all the gory details on its Chinese channels here before.

Interestingly, not only is it not censoring the image on its Chinese language site, it’s even running stories about how Western media has using the (uncensored) picture for the past few days.

Aylan Kurdi

I presume that this is the result of an odd combination of standard rules and gradually more liberal reporting of the news. CCTV’s general policy states that Western audiences can’t hack images that are too graphic. However, when Western audiences – on occasion – prove that they most definitely can, then CCTV obviously has to report that.

Interestingly, Russia Today – an outlet never previously known for its delicacy – has shown a similar committment to good taste reporting, opting to blur its own photos too:

Aylam Kurdi


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