In the Navy

It’s a… well… an ad for the Singapore Navy. Not a recruitment ad or anything, just an ad to remind us all that we owe them big time. It’s a Singapore thing.

But that’s not what I’ve brought you here to talk about. Listen to the commentary.

The Signaporean government gets a lot of flak for being paternal-authoritarian, and to a great degree this is a correct assessment. However, how many governments do you know who trust their citizens’ intellectual capacity enough to just chat casually in a PSA about the importance of maritime defence in protecting international supply chains as if we’re all supposed to have a handle on the concept?

By any standards it’s an astonishingly sophisticated argument for a media product that I was within an inch of clicking past on my way to watching 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.


One thought on “In the Navy

  1. Dunno. Seems pretty simple to me. They didn’t exactly get into the complexity of the freedom the seas or anything. Just, like, we all need goods to move so we got to have open sea lanes. Not exactly difficult to grasp. But good ad anyhow, slick, well done.


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