North Korean audience underwhelmed by Laibach concert

Laibach North Korea

You can see a round-up of songs and commentaries here:

I loved the interview with the local woman afterwards:

Of course this is different to our taste but it was quite nice to hear ‘Arirang’.

If you’ve ever shared a deeply cherished passion with a Korean friend, you probably know what it feels like to receive such a crushingly polite response.

Also, I’m somewhat surprised that the choice of songs has not received more comment. Yes, Edelweiss and Climb Every Mountain are both songs from The Sound of Music and have a somewhat twee reputation in the West, where they’re seen mainly as kitsch singalong tunes for hen parties dressed in nun outfits. However, this doesn’t mean that their other implications can be ignored: the former is an appeal to reject dictatorial leaders as a matter of national pride, and the latter is a tacit encouragement to defect.

Of course, no North Koreans are likely to realise this, but it’s a little odd that Western media failed to pick up on it.


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