Every 60 seconds in Pakistan…

HONY Pakistan

Recently the Humans of New York photoblog did a series of pictures and stories (mostly tragic) from Pakistan. We’ve had battered wives and HIV, slavery, child mortality, poverty, suicide bombing… That sort of thing. Although, to be scrupulously fair, there have also been positive and neutral stories, and even someone complaining about how Pakistan is always portrayed negatively in foreign media.

However, the sad stories have tended to predominate, and Pakistani comedian Danish Ali has something to say about it: https://www.facebook.com/Danishalifanpage/videos/vb.20697595193/10152888740975194/?type=2&theater


One thought on “Every 60 seconds in Pakistan…

  1. That video had me in hysterics! So true about the papers/media though, these countries have sad stories and poverty but people need to be aware that not everyone in them is a terrorist/gang member/oppressed/beaten or diseased and ultimately the people there are just that – PEOPLE.

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