Limpeh 1

Singapore doesn’t have a whole lot of counter-culture, so by necessity its various members have to attend each other’s events in order to make a decent showing. At the SKL0 (Sticker Lady) Limpeh gallery opening tonight there was a mixed bag of punks, goths, hipsters and media professionals in sharp suits with small children in tow, all drinking whisky and bandung and reflecting on the omnipresence of Lee Kuan Yew in their lives.

Limpeh 3

What there wasn’t, which may surprise a Western reader, is any real hostility. Despite the fact that the show gives a somewhat nuanced – not to say cynical – viewpoint of our founding father, the audience was docile, cheerful and philosophical.

Limpeh 2

Imagine a similar effort taking as its subject Margaret Thatcher, Charles de Gaulle or JFK. Doesn’t work, does it?

All part of the Singapore miracle, I guess.

Oh. Sorry. What was that? What does limpeh mean? Here.

limpeh 4


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