If the gahmen says it’s blue…

purple orchid

David Cameron has come to Signapore to ask if Britain can please have some more Asian money, and to have an orchid named after him.

Papilionanda David Cameron is a beautiful rich Tory purple blue.

Something that the British press was quick to pick up on.

Five years of tireless work in the greenhouse by the Singapore botanic gardenshas led to the propagation of an orchid to celebrate the illustrious visit of David Cameron, but it has all ended in a minor diplomatic disaster.

The beautiful orchid named Papilionanda David Cameron is less Tory blue and more Ukip purple, and might best be rechristened Papilionanda Nigel Farage.

Cameron, on a day visit to Singapore on Wednesday, went to visit the orchid at the botanical gardens and put a tag bearing his name on the flower to polite applause at a short ceremony.

Smiling gamely, Cameron said: “I have had to name lots of things, but I have never named a flower before.” He then stared at the flower some more before admitting the petals were a Ukipian “darker purple”.

Even worse, Cameron has pledged to take a cutting from the flower and plant it in the Downing Street garden, meaning he will have a daily reminder of Farage, Douglas Carswell, Mark Reckless and the agonies Ukip has caused every time he takes a stroll through his gardens with visiting dignitaries.

Downing Street tried to ignore the evidence, saying the flower “is described as a robust and free flowering Vandaceous orchid hybrid. The sepals and petals are a shade of blue.”

The botanical gardens begged to differ, saying: “The flower will produce strong, upright flowering sprays that bear up to 10 large and attractive sprays. The sepals and petals are a delightful bluish purple with each petal being complemented by a large and purple prominent dark and purple lip.”


Possibly uniquely in recent history, the Telegraph agrees with the Guardian on this one.


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