Aviation Swag, Part II

Hello Kitty Jet

I just got back to Singapore, and we pulled up right next to the Eva Air Hello Kitty jet.

And we were all thrilled beyond belief, despite being at the wrong end of an early morning flight from Sri Lanka.

So while we’re on the subject of aviation-related cool, Is Taiwan’s use of planes in its PR more or less effective than Pakistan’s gangsta-esque JF-17 escort?

Pakistan JF-17 escort

Can the two even be compared, given the difference in the messages being sent out?

The question is very much in the air here in Singapore, which will shortly be celebrating its 50th birthday. Not having an abundant hinterland in which to practice, the aerial display teams have been rehearsing above the city every Saturday evening.

The aim, of course, is to combine both the JF-17 and the Hello Kitty approaches to airborne PR in one neat package, effectively telling the neighbours: ‘Check out our amazing hardware. Aren’t you glad we’re such lovely people and wouldn’t dream of demolishing you with it?’

Though I still kind of wish it involved more Hello Kitty.


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