Modi with daughter

So we’ve done politicians’ kids pestering them on Twitter before. Here’s a variation on a theme: a political campaign to upload pictures of your daughter to Twitter to prove that you haven’t aborted her. Which is cute.

Seriously, I’m not kidding:

The hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter started trending worldwide today after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to post their photos during his radio address Mann ki Baat.

PM Modi made the request referring to a contest started by the sarpanch of a village in Haryana – the state that has acquired a dubious distinction for its skewed sex ratio (the number of females to males).

‘Some days ago, a sarpanch in Haryana’s Biwipur village, Sunil Jaglan, had come up with an interesting idea,’ the Prime Minister said. ‘He started the Selfie With Daughter initiative, under which all fathers had to click selfies with their daughters and post it on social media.’

The idea took Twitterati by storm, with proud fathers — and in some cases proud mothers — posting photos clicked with their daughters.

In the afternoon, PMOIndia posted, “#SelfieWithDaughter becomes number 1 Twitter trend in India and also listed in worldwide trend.”


Modi has long held the title of Leader Best at Social Media, but this stands out as a remarkably clever use of Twitter nonetheless. There’s every chance that this one hashtag will have more effect on female birthrates than a million public health information leaflets, so that’s something.

(The perennially anti-Modi liberal urbanites have criticised this for being a pure publicity stunt, since the poorest of the poor, who do a large amount of sex selective abortion, often have no internet access.)


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