Now you can hold your very own Arirang Mass Games in your sitting room

Somewhere or other, Koryo Tours have got hold of one what they claim to be a training video for the participants in North Korea’s mass dancing shows.

What’s puzzling about this, is why North Korea decided to release this now.

The Arirang Mass Games, an event that used to be North Korea’s most important tourist attraction, has been – following months of rumours and reversals – forever cancelled, starting from this year.

Given that it was such a money-spinner, one can only presume that it was brought to an end because it did not fit in with the modern, thrusting image that the DPRK – land of several websites – has been trying to project lately. Recently the North Koreans have been trying to project a less formal, more open image of their country, and – obviously – rigidly choreographed mass dances are probably not the best way to do this.

So why the vid? Well, probably the same reason as for all North Korea’s other contradictory policies: the ministries just don’t talk to one another.


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