Help with subtext

Morozov and Obama

Russia Today recently published an article about Michelle Obama encouraging young thought police to inform on racist relatives.

Actually, they’re overstating things a bit. In fact, she just wants kids to give their grandparents grief whenever they bring out the ‘An Irishman, a Pole and a Negro walk into a bar’ gags over Thanksgiving dinner.

However, if you need the message spelling out, Facebook is here to help with a link to Pavlik Morozov’s Wikipedia page. (If you don’t know who he was, click here for a fun story.)

I’m not alleging that Facebook is part of some sinister pro-Russia/anti-Obama conspiracy here. I’m just incredibly impressed that its algorithms can spot the subtext of a political article (Morozov is not mentioned in the Obama text) and identify the exact conclusion that an intelligent human reader is supposed to reach.


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