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SMRT Feedback

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is a sort of Singaporean equivalent of 4chan. Most people know them via their high-profile spats with other bloggers and the authorities, or their hilarious trolling replies to people mistaking them for the actual Singapore Mass Transit complaints department. You can read more about their exploits here.

Something interesting happened when Lee Kuan Yew died, however. SMRT Ltd designed a set of perfectly straight, non-trolling commemorative t-shirts (see above) and sold them online. However, they also made it perfectly clear that this was purely an attempt to make money from the hyperactive pre-funeral atmosphere that prevailed at the time:

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

Even though they quite liked the old man:

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

And people bought them. A lot of people. Many of whom also felt a genuine sense of affection for Lee:

SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

It’s a great example of the fluidity of 21st century sentiments, which are often real and ironic at the same time.


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