Christ, what an asshole

Abe Xi

Many, many years ago (in internet time), blogger Charles Lavoie pointed out that you can replace any New Yorker cartoon caption with the words ‘Christ, what an asshole’ without making it any less funny than it originally was.

Christ what an asshole

Of course, the Xi-meets-Abe photo reprinted above is famous (and hilarious) because it looks like both leaders are thinking precisely that. What attracts less attention, is that Xi Jinping does pretty much the *exact same face* with everyone he meets.

For some reason I never really noticed it until this picture popped up on my Facebook:

Xi Putin

‘Christ, what an asshole.’

In fact, it works every single time, and is hilarious.

Xi William

‘Christ, what an asshole.’


‘Christ, what an asshole’


‘Christ, what an asshole.’

Xi Obama

‘Christ, what an asshole’


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