Hanzi smatter: Georgian politics edition

Kakha Kaladze

Yes, it’s La Jeune Fille allongée by François Boucher Georgian energy minister, Kakha Kaladze, via Guido.

I’m more interested in the Chinese tattoo, however.

Actually, as Chinese tattoos go, it’s not bad. It actually means something for a start: eternal friendship. It’s a bit of a bland sentiment, but it’s not total gibberish, and so would be unlikely to feature on the real Hanzi Smatter blog.

On the other hand, it’s not that great either. For a start Chinese doesn’t have spaces, and for another thing it’s a terrible font. One of the basic Windows Chinese fonts like Mingliu or Simsun. Kind of like getting a tattoo in Times New Roman or Arial – it works, but only if you’re being ironic.

Also, while the characters means something, they’re not really the words that an ordinary Chinese person would use to express the concept – particularly if it was going to be with them forever. They’d be more likely to use one of the many available four-character expressions, and even more likely, in this context, to go for a huge long text from the classics (most Chinese-language Chinese tattoos are of this variety, when they’re not incomprehensible English).

So, summing up: points for effort, but not that many points, all the same.

Oh. And it’s also a nearly-naked man, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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