If you only read one article this week…

Hillary Clinton… make it this one.

Why does it already seem certain that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has no chance of winning her second presidential bid? Commentators have offered countless explanations — everything from her previous political defeats, the compromising information about her that has accumulated over her decades in the public eye, as well as the fact that she managed to lose to Barack Obama in 2008 despite going into that race as the favorite.

But there is a far simpler explanation: Hillary Rodham Clinton is not ‘likable.’ As with other heavy-duty intellectuals or aloof administrators who feel they must descend to the level of the ‘common people’ in order to win their approval and cooperation, Clinton wears a smile that is coldly calculated to create the impression of a pleasant person.

It does not. A person has to be born ‘likable.’ It comes from your genes, not your schooling. Of course, you can develop and hone any skill, but people always sense the difference between sincerity and insincerity…

Oh snap.

Obviously, much of what I write here tracks the rise (or return, depending on your perspective) of alpha dog personality politics across Asia. So it’s interesting that the best article I’ve read on the subject in ages should be by a Russian writing about the US.


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