This means you, Amos Yee

Amos Yee

The gahmen has a new campaign to convince us all to be nice online. If you want to know why this is an issue now:

On 27 March 2015, Amos Yee uploaded an 8-minute long video to YouTube titled Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead![16] In the expletive-laden video,[17] Yee likened Lee to Jesus, saying that both were ‘power-hungry and malicious but deceive others into thinking they are both compassionate and kind. Their impact and legacy will ultimately not last as more and more people find out that they are full of bull‘.[16[18] Yee went on to compare Lee’s ‘completely delusional and ignorant’ followers with ‘absolutely no sound logic or knowledge about him that is grounded in reality’ to the Christians’ knowledge of the Bible and the religion’s priests.[19]

Apart from conveying his hope that the late Lee would not rest in peace,[20] Yee also said that Lee was a ‘horrible person’, an ‘awful leader’ and ‘a dictator but managed to fool most of the world to think he was democratic’.[18] Lastly, Yee issued a challenge to Lee’s son, Lee Hsien Loong, stating that if the younger Lee, the Prime Minister at the time, wished to sue him, Yee would ‘oblige to dance with him’.[21] The 2015 video was viewed over 880,000 times.[22]

Arrest and charges

At least twenty police reports were made against Yee’s uploading of the 2015 video, while another police report was made against alleged obscene material on Yee’s blog,[23]where Yee had displayed and claimed credit for making ‘a picture of Lee Kuan Yew buttfuckingMargaret Thatcher‘.[24]The Straits Times reported that Yee’s mother had filed a police report against her son because she was unable to control his behaviour.[3] Yee’s mother, Mrs Mary, later told The Online Citizen that she had filed a police report on 29 March, ‘not … to have my son arrested’, but in response to Yee publishing a vulgar image online despite her objections, leading her to fear for his safety. As she assumed that police action would soon be taken against her son, she filed a report in which she apologized to the nation for her son’s actions and requested counselling for Yee.[25]

On 29 March 2015, Yee was arrested. Police stated that the arrest was on the grounds of ‘deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings’, ‘threatening, abusive or insulting communication’ and obscenity.[26]

Provoking a government – any government – into launching a public information campaign to convince its citizens to behave less like me is now at the top of my bucket list.


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