Who’d have a political career?


Lee Kuan Yew is dying, or – as you will read in our famously hard-hitting and independent Singaporean press – quite ill.

I wasn’t going to do this until the day came (a lot of other media outlets have been advance-publishing their obituaries and it’s creepy), but there’s a new angle on it now, which merits consideration: the Advance Medical Directive. That Lee had signed a DNR was common knowledge – he mentioned it in one of his books.

The interesting part is that – previous spectacular recoveries aside – if ever there was a case for DNR, it is clearly the one that lies before us now, and yet the full resources of Singapore General Hospital are being poured into keeping him alive.

So there’s some bleak irony for you. The last wishes of a man whose word was law for so long are being ignored precisely because his word was law for so long.

There are various rumours going around as to when his bucket will finally be kicked. I have heard variously that:

a) A general election will be called this year, and the Lee family and the PAP intend to keep him around until then in the hope of stirring up nostalgia, sympathy and patriotic fervour.

b) Police are on standby for a state funeral on May 2nd, so the life support will be switched off shortly before that.

c) They intend to keep him hanging on until National Day in August.

If you think that sounds horrifically gruesome, well, yes. But this is the Lee family we’re talking about. These people have form. Frankly, I suspect that the old man probably guessed what was coming anyhow (hence the AMD).

Though, on the other hand, the plan could easily backfire. While the majority opinion is sympathetic (and the perennial antis are wishing him a swift translation to a warmer place), netizens are incresingly raising questions about that pesky AMD:

Prince: It’s sad to see people living in denial, death is inevitable and people still wish him to get well soon? I can only ask that his family members will allow him to go in a smooth and less suffering way and not prolong his suffering by making him live through a machine…

Misled: Pappies go to all length just to garner supports. Now they are utilising the health of a living dead just to achieve that.

Soong: AMD(Advance Medical Directive) or LPA(Last Power Attorney) from LKY also no use in this case, his son is capitalising on his father’s famous and infamous reputation for more political gain. Sad sad way to let the father to go in peace. sad sad sad. No one bother with Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s death wish for a ‘quick death without any machine hook-up’. So sad sad sad to watch some people just ignore his last wish to leave in peace.

JN.: LKY already signed an AMD that he wishes to leave peacefully and not to be hooked up in machines and be humiliated.Why his followers never obey instruction?

Derek Duke: Ch**b** pinky will pull the plug on the old man just before elections to get the sympathy votes from kind hearted but gullible Singaporeans … lol

Senior@VOTE: delusion & disillusion, wishing well is actually insulting, LOLOL



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