I’m not kidding, those weapons bend if you whack them

Here’s a heartwarming story that’s been doing the rounds in the Chinese press lately: http://world.huanqiu.com/hot/2014-12/5264023.html

It’s about a group of female Muslim school students in Hyderabad who have been learning Chinese martial arts to defend themselves from India’s hordes of marauding rapists.

Except that it clearly isn’t. The pictures all show wushu stage fighting, using pretend weapons.

Stage fighting

While real fighting and stage fighting are related, the latter looks far more impressive (which is what it’s there for, after all), but will not really replace the former in a tight situation. Which is obvious, when you think about it. Jumping four feet in the air to kick-stab a foe looks amazing, but in real life will earn you a swift punch to the groin and much agony. (Also, check out the girl fifth from the right in the front row. If you’re going to be fending off a rapist with a stick, you probably don’t want it to do that.)

And the thing is, it’d be fascinating to find out why a bunch of Muslim schoolgirls are learning Chinese stage fighting, but now the pictures have been attached to some rubbishy made-up story, we’re never going to find out.


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