Huffpo clickbait leads to something moderately interesting

Winnie and TiggerYou’d Be Surprised What Chinese College Students Think Of America These Days.

Well no, actually, you probably wouldn’t. It’s pretty much what you expect.

I was interested by this one, however:

It’s really not that easy to be president in China. It’s a lot harder than in America. Because in America, you just have to be very handsome and give some good speeches, and they are stars. But in China, you can’t just win the election. It is really official, with great authority. If Obama came to China to try to be president, he would lose.

– Chen Bo

True story. Ask Bo Xilai.

Personally, I think that it’s an aspect of the system that could well do to be exported. If failed candidates for the US presidency were subsequently subjected to the kind of debriefing that makes you pass out 27 times, there’d probably be a dramatic improvement in the quality of the contenders. Hard模式, yo.

The idea that elections are a frivolous way to choose one’s leaders is one that’s been put to me by various nationalist youth at different times. It’s always impeccably reasoned with references and everything. I’m not sure whether it’s taught in PRC schools or not.


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