Princess Aiko’s birthday photos online; Chinese netizens typically courteous and generous-minded

The Imperial Household Agency in Japan just published the photos of Princess Aiko’s 13th birthday.

Princess Aiko

If you still retain some faith in humanity, you probably shouldn’t read the Chinese internet’s opinions. If you’re all out, then lucky for you: I’ve been through a thread on Mop on your behalf.

The original poster just entitled it “Official Photos of Japan’s Princess Aiko’s 13th Birthday Released”. He commented:

Japan’s Princess Akiko just had her 13th birthday, but leaks have said that she is often late for class, or skips class altogether. Considering that she is Prince Naruhito’s beloved daughter, this creates a bad image. Princess Aiko often doesn’t arrive until one in the afternoon, and only does two hours of school. She’s only 13 and should behave like a junior high school student. Maybe her father is spoiling her too much.

– 巅枫之舞

When it hit the front page, however, the title got modified to: “Japanese Princess’ birthday photos shared online – looks like something from a horror movie”. This pretty much sets the tone.

Clickbait OP title! Come round to my house and I’ll beat you to death!

– Officelu

She just needs to take one trip to South Korea [i.e. the home of cosmetic surgery] and she’ll be Miss World.

– hxyang521

Looking at these pictures makes me feel very deprived.

– 翼之类

A rare sight indeed…

– 匿名用户

Face like a pork kidney

– 好牛娃

Fuck. She needs to lose weight.

– ABC灰色空间

I assumed she’d been stung by something and that’s why her face is swollen up.

– 醉雨潇潇

Wow, prince. Your dad’s got guts sharing these online.

– 晴空烈焰

It’s shameful, we just attack everyone!!!

– 仲夏夜之梦summer

How often does the Emperor slap his daughter in the face for it to be all swollen up like that?

– wrg00000

I feel sorry for her future husband, though I’ve heard that the Japanese Imperial family does have some pretty princesses. She looks like her face is made of balls.

– 星辰の北极光

People who judge a book by its cover are just superficial. Besides, women transform when they reach 18.

– 度无常

People who would have been peasants in olden days become internet warriors.

– 清幽如梦

She looks blind.

– 春之素

Too cruel…

– 隔岸观观花

She doesn’t look like a princess.

– liuwei8351


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