Did you just say ‘dong’?

This is interesting for two reasons. Firstly because it looks hilarious and I will absolutely be in the front line to illegally download see it. Secondly because we already knew that North Korea called the film an act of war, then succeeded in getting minor changes made.

Which surprised everyone.

They’re talking about assassinating your glorious leader and you’re worried about the lapel pins? Well now we apparently know why the KJU segments weren’t a big issue: he actually comes across as a pretty cool guy.

Brief pause while Josh Stanton explodes.

Actually, from years spent taking far more of an interest in North Korea than any sane person should, this is pretty close to the image that you get of Kim from reading between the lines of the information that does leak out. He’s just a slightly dopey, easy-going kind of guy, who would rather be drinking and watching basketball. Unfortunately, fortune put him in charge of the world’s last totalitarian state.


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