Angela Merkel will never cease to surprise me

Angela MerkelGerman chancellor Angela Merkel received a rockstar reception from rowdy Brisbane pub-goers last night when she dropped by Caxton Street before heading to her hotel.

The Courier Mail reports it was around 11pm when she arrived.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Merkel appears to be very happy to shake hands with and greet cheering locals.

One bloke even got a selfie out of the appearance.

I’ve never been to Brisbane, but according to my Australia correspondent: “Any foreigner who runs the gauntlet of Caxton Road for a selfie fest at night has balls, just ask the NSW State of Origin footy team. That was a crazy thing for Merkel to do no matter how big your entourage, so to speak. And she’s German, so good luck with that.”

I think we can trace three explanations for this off-piste excursion:

1. “Guess who doesn’t need four warships stationed off shore just to take a walk down the fucking road?”

2. Merkel tends to be a tad sniffy about populist politics, but is – despite this – surprisingly good at it, something that most foreigners don’t realise, and which the German left has learnt the hard way over the years.

3. APEC and the G20 were a showcase for the brash new tuhao politics of the BRICS. Red carpets! Koalas! Massive 64-piece dinner sets! She knows which way the wind is blowing, and has accordingly set course due Flashy Gestures.


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